About Us

We take pride in creating the finest dining experience for you and your family our motto is to bring up The Indian Diversity in our food which surely our menu reflects steeped in the classics while offering skillful touches of modernity.Our service style emphasizes hospitality with knowledge, warmhearted and professional staff.The result is a vibrant and trendsetting ambiance, full of energy and sophistication.We embody the spirit and essence of fine Indian cuisine. Spice club will be a perfect destination for elegant Indian cuisine .


Our Beliefs

We believe in making every variety with the finest ingredients that are delicately blended with warm, zesty spices and our love of-course, to deliver to you a full flavor of authentic Indian cuisine.

So we welcome you to experience and to taste and smell the aroma of zesty and warm spices of India. The skills of excellent chefs in spice club coupled are sure to give your taste-buds a real treat. So hurry and have a look at our mouthwatering menu’s right now and don’t forget to try our chef’s specials(Ande ka funda, Rekdi style dosa, Non veg dosa, IndoChinese).



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